Kinder m8 The breakdown of safeguarding your information

How we protect your information

Kinder m8 understands privacy and takes the security of both your personal information and that of your children extremely seriously. Therefore, we have created a foundation and implemented processes that keep this information safe and secure. We also regulate audits; this ensures that we are acting in accordance with this security policy and our privacy policy.

How do I know this is a secure network?

Using the most up-to-date SSL technology, we encrypt all information and data you send to us. Through utilizing CSRF, (cross-site request forgeries) we prevent any malicious attacks, blocking any unlawful access. Many other institutions you would be familiar with such as banks, payment gateways and government departments use this technology in their system as well. In regards to security, all the information we collect, hold and process, will be securely stored in the monitored data house of our service provider in Australia. We do not transfer your data overseas or share it with any third party members, ensuring that reasonable steps have been taken in the protection of your personal information.

Who has access to this information?

The system is password & WAF protected with a private space for care providers and families to share stories, photos and videos. Only Child Care Centre Administrators can grant access to your child’s information and stories, regulating user-friendliness. An activity log feature allows you to view a constantly updating record of activity on the System. This gives an insight as to how the system is being operated at the Centre. We do not access the information we store until or unless an issue arises, otherwise, for backup reasons. In such rare cases, our support team may be granted temporary access.

How can I ensure that I’m being safe online?

We use SSL technology with respect to passwords so they are encrypted and chosen by the User. Users should ensure they don’t share their password with others to maintain their security and safety. When choosing a password, choose one that would be difficult to guess from public information about you. We will never request your password or personal details via email. For more information on cyber security, you can visit the Australian Government website which details more information on how to best manage yourself online.

Your data

For simplicity and protection, only the subscribed childcare service owns the data that they upload about your child. We do not take ownership of it. Consequently, login into the web or mobile application creates certainty that only accredited users have access to data being shared. We are committed to securely store information for access by only you and the childcare center, ensuring that we are dealing with data in accordance to the law.

What if I wish to share my child’s content?

The control is in your hands as to who has access to your child’s information. This is your responsibility and you need to consider what is best for your situation. Keeping in mind that some of the information about your child may include information or photos of other children from the childcare centre. In these instances, you cannot share or upload such information or photos without the consent of the parents of those children involved.